"The best road to progress is freedom's road"

John F. Kennedy

The purpose of Jonfeign.com

The name Jon Feign was originally created to provide a  tongue in cheek alternative comment on contemporary issues of significant importance that effect our lives and which the mainstream media appear to be determined to ignore. It is the mainstream media’s policy of limiting the perspective of how issues are understood and seen, which can thus control the narratives to be discussed which in turn possibly form the greatest barrier in preventing people from achieving the unlimited potential and happiness that life may offer. I see it as our mission to reveal some of the systemic issues we face that have a profoundly negative effect on people and to also provide resources and support to counter the forces that seek to essentially enslave people by basically harvesting their entire lives for the benefit of the few. We are looking primarily at political and financial systems, banking, the law, health and well being and much more of corporate control of resources and policy.

Fake Gnus

Knowledge is power and power is knowledge.

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