"The best road to progress is freedom's road."

John F. Kennedy

The InPower Movement Is Working To Help People Reclaim Their Power All Over The World.

Sit back, grab a coffee and take a squiz at these introductory videos about how an American based movement is helping people all over the world to take their power back. An understanding of how the laws apply in our modern societies have opened the door to allow ordinary people to have a say about what goes on in their communities. Empowering people to challenge the system including private corporations and governments along with their agencies, when any of their policies lead to actions, that can potentially cause people harm is what InPower delivers.

Using the principles of the InPower Movement’s processes, ordinary people have access to remedies that can potentially address many issues including Smart Meters, 5G technology, compulsory and forced mass medication, as in the case of fluoridation of  water supplies. From compulsory vaccinations through to banking laws and operations there really is an application for everyone to achieve justice. Infringement abuses, violations of the constitutions (treason), abuses of the judicial system by those imitating commonwealth officers. Those who are either not subject to oaths of office or alternately ignore their oaths can be equally as liable as the next guy.

The beauty of the InPower movement’s processes to bring about change is due to a number of factors, one does not need to go to the expense, or to sacrifice the time necessary, to be taking matters to court as a lien process applies effectively in this process so there is little to no expense involved, while the other attraction is that the corporation’s CEO’s or the government Ministers are personally liable for any harm caused which means there are no indemnities for them to hide behind to escape responsibility for any negligence let alone treasonous activity.

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