A Spiritual War

Given the bible is the foundation that our system of law is built upon and given the law recognizes God as the Creator of the male and female sentient living breathing beings as his direct creation and then has granted them dominion over the earth, it follows that next to the Creator God, men and women as living, breathing sentient beings, are supreme on this earth. The law further accepts that the sentient beings thus created are born with God given, unalienable and inalienable rights that cannot be added to, or subtracted from, by the various organizations that the sentient beings created without a fraud being perpetrated by such agencies that attempt to do so.

Sentient beings in turn create valid monarchies, republics, governments, parliaments and other bodies excluding groups like the United Nations which are fraudulently appointed with out the consent of the people, but are rather instigated and appointed by legal fictions. In Australia at present a debate discussing the validity of the Queen of England over the Kingdom of Australia is in progress and I have some respect for the promoters of both camps as I feel they are well intentioned and its interesting to note that both recognize the validity of the same Constitution of the Commonwealth.

The point is that all of these systems of rule and the Constitutions that are created by them are ultimately created by male and female sentient beings and whom sit above them all in terms of hierarchical authority, which indicates that man’s salvation or status in the scheme of things is completely unaffected by being a member of this or that group, as ultimately nothing can, as already stated, add or detract from the God given unalienable rights granted to men and women by their creator and protector and which are enforced under the Common Law.

And so it seems to me that the Common Law is the most important creation of sentient beings in as much as it backs up our Unalienable and Inalienable rights. This is important for the reason that all systems of rule are unstable and corrupted due to the most fundamental error that forms their foundations being the idea any one individual or group can exercise authority over another without their consent. This is at the seat of all corruption and all evil in this world and it is likewise the very same concept that has a similar impact on all forms of man made religion, in my view. The problem that besets and affects us all is the exercise of an in authentic authority.

It is not my intention to criticize religions as such, but I sense that man made religion has the effect of masking or concealing true spirituality, which see’s us all, male and female as the true sons of God, made in his image, a perfection that no authority on earth can take away, because they are not the creators of the sentient beings. In scripture somewhere God reveals himself as the Son of Man and his followers as the Sons of God, which intimates that God dwells within the spirit of men and women and thus the question is when, where and how will the Sons of God be revealed. Will the observation of a man made religion reveal them or will valiant deeds born out of love for the truth and our fellow sojourners place them clearly on exhibit for all the world to see?

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