About Us

Dictionary Definition: Feign: To give a false appearance :Induce a false impression :to assert as if true :PRETEND 

Jon Feign is a fictional media personality based on a real person engaged in the the mainstream media and dedicated to looking after number one,  presenting news and current affairs complete with the spin that pleases his masters, including his employers and those in government who are ultimately one and the same. By means of the careful use of language he delivers disinformation and stories that are skewed to support the popular agendas of various groups of influence and interest on a global scale. Acting under the pretence of concern, of the type you would expect from a typical champion of the public interest, he is often seen portraying himself as a never say die terrier for the truth, yet this is never actually reflected in relevant questions that matter, always falling well short of revealing anything of consequence,  or any real issues of concern, alas what should be of concern are subjects that are never, ever broached. Drawing a substantial financial reward for his ongoing deception he is one of a long list of media personalities who’s only interests are their own careers and incomes, having no real concern at all for the people who are abused by the private and public powers that be, ultimately being every bit as treacherous as those he pretends to query.

Jon Feign on another tack, is the creation of yours truly, John Andrews and is inspired by what I believe is the true state of the world we live in. I have been blown away by the revelation of the Birth Certificate fraud that effectively sees us living as free range slaves, denied the title to our estates, our property, ourselves and even our children, who until recently becoming aware that all of us, are the property and chattel of government. This knowledge alone should be enough to put people off voting for politicians permanently, let alone handing out how to vote cards for them on election day. It has become more and more apparent to me that because life is a temporary arrangement the things that most people pursue in life are largely illusory. Politics, religion, justice, wealth, possessions and so called security, are all temporary, even love can come and go, the only thing that is immortal in my estimation is substance and this is a measure of the soul and spirit, nothing in the physical realm. There are no balance sheets where we will spend the greatest part of infinity. On a personal level I am a semi retired real estate agent with a focus on  buyer’s advocacy for a few select clients.