Dan The Freemason Man

Here is dopey Dan the Freemason man, doing his best impression of sympathy, sadness and regret just like he actually cares, but his arrogance displays a contempt that tells a very different story matched by only the cruelest and who’s actions in relation to this bullshit lock down over a flu reveal it. You don’t see Dan sitting with his Freemason associates Scott Morrison Leigh Sales or Tracey Grimshaw giving an analysis on the many suicides this economic armageddon has and will cause among the people or analysing, nor bothering to consider the testimony of many health professionals who point out that the statistics and the medical evidence along with measures adopted are futile and simply don’t support the lockdown policy. This lot neither consider (they probably have) or have properly evaluated or discussed the strong indications that 5G technology and the Pearly Gates vaccines might prove to be a lethal combination just as the New World Order Dic or Dantatorship will prove also lethal on our freedoms and lifestyle. Australians are beginning to wake up and it will be interesting to see what the future brings for Andrews and Morrison because there will be much anger and gnashing of teeth and Dan I don’t think your “thoughts and prayers” will help you much and perhaps the goons in blue running around extorting people on behalf of the State will also wake up to the fact that they are building a future that they too are going to have to live in, a future that their kids and grandkids are also going to have to live in.
You Dan aren’t really aren’t as bright as what you are criminal. There’s very little logic in you’re assertion that a lone golfer is putting other people’s “lives” at risk while explaining that his desire to be on the course is not “essential”. Well Dan so fucking what, if the golfer is not mixing with other people what does it matter? Most of us understand that freemason politicians do not possess a conscience let alone affection for others and live lives that are parasitic and really have little or no purpose, value or genuine merit. Wake up, you bastards, like everyone else will die soon enough, and you won’t take anything with you when you go, like Hawke, people were quite happy to see the end of the arsehole and I doubt that you will be anymore fondly thought of.

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  1. Tim

    What makes you call ScoMo a Freemason? I’m trying to find out if he is one – because I imagine he would be – but can’t find anything concrete.

  2. Tim

    Ditto on Andrews, for that matter…

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